Atching Lillian’s Heirloom Recipes

Finally! We have been waiting for this book for 7 years. We are thankful to the Center for Kapampangan Studies for publishing this book not just for Atching Lillian and the Kapampangans but also for the Filipino People trying to find the identity of Philippine Cuisine. This book is a must buy and her dishes are a must-try.

TravelTales is very grateful for Atching Lillian’s love for cooking and dedcation to promote and uplift Philippine Cuisine through her cooking and family heirloom recipes. We are so proud of having you as part of the Viajeng Cusinang Matua for the past 4 and a half years. We are looking forward to more years of good food and interesting stories from you!

Have you tried these Kapampangan folk dishes? “lagat tucud-banua,” “sabo bulung bonifacio,” “bangus sasmuan,” “zarzuela ning malat,” “bulanglang itu,” “sabo banging nasi,” “bobotung asan,” “talunan manuc,” “paksing demonyu,” “sabo tacsyapu na,” “tinolang tugak,” “kapeng gugulisak,” etc.? Their recipes are all in the latest publication of the Center for Kapampangan Studies: “Atching Lillian’s Heirloom Recipes: Romancing the Past through Traditional Calutung Capampangan” to be launched Dec. 7 at Cafe Juan, Holy Angel University. The book is authored by noted Kapampangan culinary expert Lillian Mercado-Lising Borromeo and edited by CKS researcher Joel Mallari.


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