Hacienda Weekend at Prado Farm

Rain or Shine, its Hacienda Time!!!

Be it rain or shine, the long weekend of August is an opportunity to rest and relax ourselves from the stress of work and the bustling city.

Prado is again opening its doors on AUGUST 27 and 28 to invite you to join us in our Bed Weather Activities, accompanied with our local cuisine.

Time: 10am-5pm

What exactly are Bed Weather Activities?

We welcome you into our farm with our locally-grown Lemongrass Iced Tea. We lead you to our spa house, where masseuses are awaiting to relax your tired muscles. Accompanying your harmonious zzz’s would be our Siesta serenata.
You can also just sit in around and have sips of our herb tea, while cleaning your lungs with the fresh air of our farm.
During these dates, we are accepting overnight bookings with breakfast in bed option. Rates available upon request.

Guests are free to take a nap or just lounge in any of the many lounging areas with beds at Prado Farm.

The KERA-KERA Hotel for guests who'd like to stay for the whole weekend.

Local Cuisine
For those staying overnight, we serve you with our breakfast; Champorado (Homemade from our mom’s hand-roasted cacao), and crispy fried Tawilis. This is definitely a perfect way to start your day in the farm.
Our Standard Hacienda day starts at 10am. At the veranda, we will serve you a leisurely morning *minindal sampler of Pistou, our home made, kesoputi, Guagua pan de sal and longganisa.

The morning minindal (merienda) of Pistou, Guagua Pandesal, Longganisa, and homemade Kesong Puti.

Harvest Lunch Menu:
The Prado Salad is a generous mix of fresh picked greens, from common to unusual, all healthy! Picked before sunrise, and served by noon. Served with our Sagada orange vinaigrette. (Buffet)
Cream of vegetable soup topped with chives.
Mixed Fritters of Samosa, alugbati leaf tempura and Spring roll, accompanied with sweet chili sauce
Unlimited Iced Lemongrass Tea

Freshly harvested greens are served for lunch.

Rows of assorted lettuce, arugula, cherry tomatoes, and other greens line up Prado Farm's vegetable garden.

As the Lunch is vegetarian friendly, may we entice you to order our DUCK STUFFED Arugula-fed LECHON? We guarantee you it’s without guilt!! Or you may try our Family’s Version of the famous dish, HUMBA (Braised Pork).

The Humba is the Ocampo's family heirloom recipe and is best served with freshly steamed cuapao bread . The tenderized meat melts gloriously and gives you just the right taste of sweetness to last in your mouth.

The organically grown pigs are marinated overnight and stuffed with ducks inside before they are roasted to perfection.

Read more about Prado Farms’ Lechon and Humba on this link:


To end the day, we serve piping hot “Sa-Le” a local “tinola” of Duck soup simmered in Lemon grass. The Prado version is accompanied by fresh picked garden fresh herbs, sotanghon, topped with a sprinkling of crushed chicharon and a dollop of taba ng talangka.

Hacienda Day Package for adults Php 950/head (inclusive of entrance to Prado Farms, farm tour, carabao ride, morning and afternoon minindal, and Harvest Lunch)
With Lechon Php1,500/head
With Humba Php 1, 200/head
With Lechon and Humba Php 1,700/head
Hacienda Day Package for kids Php 750/head (kids below 4ft in height)

Prado Farms
Prado Farms is located in Prado Siongco, Lubao Pampanga along Olongapo-Gapan Road.
For bookings, contact TravelTales, Inc. at 09175455615 / 09209235615 or email us at traveltales@ymail.com

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