travel for change!

hello friends and fellow travelers!

welcome to traveltales’ new blogsite! some of you may wonder why the tours that we will be posting here are familiar to you. that’s just simply because traveltales is the new alquimista trails!.

we are promoting not just philippine destinations but more importantly, the consciousness on responsible travel and sustainable local tourism. we hope that you can also be part of this advocacy. we believe that if we can all be more responsible with our travels, we will be able to create positive changes in our communities and our country.

so, we invite you to join us in our travels and tell everyone about your stories. whether you are traveling on your own or arranging travels for others–the earth is your homeland. give it care & respect it deserves; learn about its environment; spend time getting to know its people, their art, culture, history, & livelihood. change the way you travel…TRAVEL FOR CHANGE!!!

tracey santiago
responsible travel advocate



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